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“Exhibit your work and grab lucrative opportunities” While growing as a graphic designer, we keep on discovering such authentic resources which can play a crucial role in our success. You all will agree that the creative skills of graphic designers need a continuous patronage, so they keep on coming up with exceptional ideas.  Therefore, I always keep on searching for new ...

Author Name: Erik JohnsonPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersOnce you choose a web hosting provider, chances are your sites will remain there for a long time. Moving from one hosting account to another is not only time consuming but often causes many technical problems. Before you settle for a provider and hosting plan, take some minutes and school yourself on the topic web hosting.    Written by Brian Franklin, hosting editor at Web Hosting Search, this ...


Belonging to this amazing world of blogging, we all keep on discovering new blogs every day. However, there are millions of blogs on net but only few of them are exclusively creative and deserve a second look. In today’s date having a nice blog design is no big achievement (thanks to WordPress Themes) but only few of us succeed ...

Author Name: Jay VorzimerPost Category: Tips for Graphic DesignersHave you ever taken the time to really consider the advantages offered by drawing within a digital domain over those of the real world in which we live? Is it the options available to the artist? Maybe. Is it the speed at which the artist can create the art? Maybe, but probably not. Is it the effects that a user can render upon the work created? Possibly. The real advantage offered the ...


With the rising craze for social media, every blogger is found actively participating on different social networking platforms. However, with the growing popularity of social media, it is hard to say which network should be tagged as the 800-pound gorilla of the social world. Here I would specifically name “Twitter” and “Facebook” which are attracting new users at astounding rates and seem to be ...

Whenever, we get stuck with our logo design projects, we all know exactly which galleries to check for inspiration. Every logo designer knows by heart, which sites to surf to jump start his creativity when reached a dead end. And, certainly we find food for inspiration…don’t we?Well, today I decided, instead of listing the names of these top galleries, (so you don't experience Déjà vu) I should compile amazingly creative logos submitted on these sites. I am sure you will ...


Today my real idea for Graphic Design Blog’s post was to compile some incredible examples of design integration with smoke. Somehow, I did not find much images on my related topic but during the research I stumbled across some very impressive anti-smoking ads. These conceptual ads made me think about the smoke in two different aspects. Smoke effects, which amazingly beautify our graphic designs but at the same time ...

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