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Last weekend, after shopping on busy streets of California, I seated myself in a close by cafeteria. While sipping my hot coffee, I noticed the numerous, captivating logos all around and asked myself what these brands must have been without logos. Undoubtedly, a logo for a business is like an intelligent cover is to a good book, but at the same time it needs to be influential enough to set you apart in your market and let people know what's ...

I always believed that only colorful and vibrant posts have the ability to attract viewers, guess I was wrong. Few days back while browsing the net I stumbled across such beautiful pictures in black-and-white, that I could not stop myself from appreciating this art without colors. View this excellent job by different photographers with patience and new perspective, trust me, you won’t regret it…Check this out! Amazing view of New York City: Breathtaking under water view: Pain and Peace: Sensuous Lady by Michele Clement: Climbing Penguins: Candy ...

Have you ever noticed that all the logos for major fast food chains are in red, yellow or both colors? Yeah, I tried to figure out if there is any hidden symbolism or fast food psychology and discovered it had something to do with the psychology of colors and graphic design more than anything did. In graphic design color classes, they define that yellow is supposed to be associated with quickness and speed while red is supposed to stimulate appetite. Color ...

In an increasingly digital world, the creative process of art still holds the power to create ripples of thought and reaction among the viewers. Specifically, digital art is a virtual kaleidoscope of emotional and intellectual perceptions. In short, an artist has the overwhelming capacity to share his unique visions and visual interpretations with the entire spectrum of international humanity. I think these fabulous pieces of digital art, will say my word to you. Have a look, you will surely enjoy! Underneath: Wild Moon: Mystic: Ghost ...

Just have a look around….You see number of alluring and captivating ads all around. This makes it difficult for brands/products to outstand and leave a lasting print on the viewers mind. This post of mine will help you find some of the most creative and interesting locations for advertising your products.Think of unique sites, which immediately captures the vision of the onlookers and makes them remember your product and appreciate your choice of location. I bring you interesting concepts and spots of ...

As a child, I remember very well, I often used to go to bookstores just to have a look at the interesting covers of the books. An expressive cover page does not let the reader forget a book. Attractive book covers play an important part in making a person choose a book, while wandering in a bookstore looking for an interesting book. It won’t be wrong to say that majority of people judge a book from its cover. These covers help ...

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