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A logo is the base of a company’s brand identity and global recognition but with change in time and growing competition, companies have started sprucing up their logos. A logo redesign is a risk, which can turn in loads of success for you if you get it right but if you come up with some unpleasant redesign, then better be ready to loose the brand identity you have achieved already. The redesigning is such a crucial process that you never know ...

As a passionate cinema go’er I always enjoy viewing these amazing movie posters to judge what kind of movie it would. Being a designer, I believe nothing better than a poster can advertise a movie but unfortunately it is a form of art, which has been forgotten. In early years, movie posters had the same function as a menu in restaurant and very keenly, people use to study them deciding which movie they can enjoy this evening? Some posters are dark ...

Logos…The world seems like a colorful pastry with all these lively emblems all around us. No one can deny the fact that a proper logo is one of the simplest ways to create brand recognition because a visual symbol is more memorable than words. However, when you notice these emblems, you will notice some icons and symbols which are used most repeatedly in today’s logo designing. I have listed few of them and the impact they leave on the viewers mind. Swoosh: Although ...

Have you ever been asked, “What is Design?”…The question might seem very simple but I think it should be answered very strongly without being philosophical. My understanding of what design is probably a little complicated but can be applied universally…just check if I am right. I would say, design is a way of changing our present and influencing the future. It brings the ultimate distinction to gain us brand distinction. Like in fashion, we get to discover contemporary and catchy web design ...

Today i bring you something which will make you believe more strongly that - There is no second chance at making a good first impression. If your product does not catch customer’s attention within seconds in the first attempt, then it is a flop. Nowadays companies work hard to come up with unique and creative concepts to make the promotional campaigns of their products successful. To appreciate the creative minds behind these advertisements, once again I have compiled some interesting and ...

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