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Welcoming Graphic Design Enthusiasts to Write for Our Blog!

GraphicDesignBlog is all about design and designers. On our blog, you will find innumerable articles, amazing tutorials, creative photography and splendid works of art. What we do here is nothing less than aesthetic education for our readers, who mostly come from the graphic design community. We reach out to all sorts of designers, be it a logo designer, product designer, artists, etc. At times, we feature specific works of design on the basis of their quality. But it’s not just us who cherish a deep relationship with our industry personnel. The graphic design world also believes in our work and holds us dear as one of their best sources of inspiration.
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Be a part of GDB Team

Ever since GDB gained a prominent web presence, my readers, fans, and industry friends have been sending in requests and showing their interest in writing for GDB. Yes friends….we admit….we have been really BUSY (read: LAZY) to take an initiative! :s But now we have finally decided to share our bounty with you.
And, what do we mean by that?
Yes, you understood correctly. GDB is about to launch a brand new section for guest writers. We will hand you over a portal to explore design in all possible and impossible ways. Just as long as it makes sense and appeals to the readers on a visual and intellectual level, we want you to indulge in and get your creative juices flowing. We can’t wait to read your entries.
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Get a Kickass Exposure

GraphicDesignBlog is an established web blog and you can benefit from writing for us in a number of ways.
Right after submitting your first article, you’d be given access to the Blog Writers’ dashboard, resulting in easy and direct future submissions.
At the end of each post, there will be an author bio section introducing you as a writer with 3 interlinks to your official website (URL), twitter official blog account and Google+ account.
If you put this post link in “Contributor Section” of your G+ Account you would be able to gain recognition as an authentic blog writer over the web and within design community.
By sharing this post with your industry friends and colleagues, you will acquire huge fan-following along with high traffic.
Last, but definitely not the least, get excellent publicity and exposure as a design enthusiast. What do you say guys …. Ready for the fame??
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Be a Freedom Writer:

Oh, you have complete freedom to share anything of value to the graphic designers, just as far as it remains within our niche and passes our standard of quality. We would love to publish any innovative articles, infographics, tutorials, freebies, design related comic strips and much more.
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Stop Itching, Start Writing!

Getting started is easy. Follow the steps given below and become a part of a growing team.
So you have an idea you wish to write on. Grab your laptop and pore it out in an MS Word file.
Proofread for coherence and any spelling or grammatical mistakes.
E-mail your file to us on:
Your file must include your author name, author URL, author G+, and an attractive author bio. However, we do not allow any keyword linking within the content of the post. All links will be provide under the author bio section.
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Keep It Simple, Silly!

GraphicDesignBlog is here to help you out and the rest of the design community, but, are you? If your answer comes in affirmative, we want you to be a tiny bit conscious to keep your audience in mind while you untangle some complex design issues in a post. Use as much visual content (with proper references) as you can and just be careful about a few other things:
Be original. Don’t send us anything plagiarized.
Relevance and coherence both are important in a post’s content.
Try to write a minimum of 500 words per article.
Choose the category accurately for your article.
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You Will Be Rewarded!

We won’t let your talent and hard work go unnoticed. Like we say time and again, at the GraphicDesignBlog, your words are not just taken, they are definitely heard. So we have decided to reward the real enthusiasts with something more creative. At the submission of fifteen articles, each author will be asked to send in his photo and get a cute animated image to adorn his profile. That image will then be added in our Writers Hall of Fame. Our favored writers will receive extra marketing and exposure and, over time, we may decide to give them special topics to write on.
We hope you reap the benefits of this initiative with complete heart and soul. Good luck!

Team GDB.

Write for us
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