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Being a Female, What is your Clothing Style?

With another Wednesday, I bring you another compilation of cleverly resourceful links from all over the net. The most interesting links of today’s roundup are the artistic Photoshop tutorials. Although I always pick articles from top design blogs but today I have added links of some not-very-famous blogs. Such blogs have amazing work to showcase but do not get the right exposure to share their compilations with others. I think we all should not only appreciate the work by famous bloggers but also welcome new talent to the world of Graphic Design.


20 Tutorials For Creating HDR Images

This is a collection of 20 different techniques for creating superb HDR(High Dynamic Range) images.


30 Clever And Creative Package Designs

A collection of 30 package designs which which are clever but also very cretive.


21 Stunning photos and pictures with a beautiful quote

In this inspirational post, we present stunning photos of : Babies, Kids, Flowers, People, etc… Hopefully, these beauties will inspire you to create beautiful artwork, Web designs, graphics, wallpaper, illustrations, etc.


10 Free Original Hi-Res Fully Stained Paper Textures

These were created by soaking A4 pieces of paper in a tray filled with food colouring and then left to dry in the sun. The edges are most concentrated while the middle of the paper has a sort of tie-dye effect.

40+ Best Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Buttons and Badges

There are different kinds of tutorials related in making buttons and badges on the web that can help enhance your photoshop skills


31 Masterpieces Of Creative And Clever Advertising Concepts

Believe that strong advertisement is a fastest way to convey the message to the audience and if they are attractive as become inspiration for others so its more useful.


An Unusual Effect That You Must See

This is a short post on an effect that I have not seen before.

Master of Abstract 3D Design – Tim Borgmann

Sometimes we do not really need to know exactly what it is in a picture to get impressed.

20+ Car Pimping And Tuning Photoshop Tutorials

In today’s post, we bring you into another stretch where Photoshop also rules and dominates – the modding and sketching of rides.


34 Excellent Punctuation Inspired Logo Designs

We’re all aware that using the wrong punctuation can completely change the meaning of a sentence or even a whole document. So, where else do people use punctuation? In logo design of course!

3 Powerful Ways To Make Typography Talk On Your Website

Typography is a very powerful tool in a web designer’s arsenal. We have seen simple websites glorified in an instant with the use of proper typography.


45+ Inspiring Examples of Vintage in Web Design

Here is a collection of 45+ Best Examples of Vintage in Web Design that will give you more ideas on how you can achieve a good design.


Typographic Portraits That Are Absolutely Beautiful

Typography is a very popular type of art in graphics design. In recent years when everyone want to get some innovation in their artwork, typographic portraits came up with a great concept.


25 Inspiring Examples of Abstract Vector Design

Abstract vector design often exploits gradient meshes and incredible lighting effects to jazz up what can often be fairly basic (but beautiful) compositions.


41 Whimsy And Fun Logos That Will Make You Smile

These 41 such beautifully whimsy, quirky and fun logos that will make you smile and tell you that it is okay to be funny sometimes, really funny

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