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Logo designers and brand managers have always laid paramount importance of imparting the power of their product through symbols. History has it that whether they are Mayans, Egyptian Pharaohs or Greek mythology, symbols and logos have always played a pivotal role in representing the force behind their message.


• Proposition behind the Brand Logo

In the contemporary world, the effort put in by the logo designers has become more challenging and inspirational. Since the international economic market has moved towards globalization to increase profits, the consumers can actually now sense the idea behind the logo itself. When it comes to comprehending a particular logo, the onlooker doesn’t have the time to go through the details of a sophisticated logo. Here comes the role of a brand manager who aspires to represent the product through a logo so that the particular brand can dominate globe. The strength of the logo should not only impart the brand’s positioning in the market but should have a unique value proposition that can clearly demarcate the essence of its people, product and process.

• Brand Upholds the values of an Organizations

It has always been the end-objective for every brand manager to increase the market share of their products by amplifying the significance of their brand’s equity through the logo. Both the brand managers and logo designers have to dig deep into the mindset of the consumer behavior, either through various methods of research or ‘me-too’ concept, to carve the spirit of the logo into the psyche of the consumers. Make them believe that they are not buying just a product but a brand that can only stand out through a powerful and simple logo. Obviously, the brand managers have to excel in maintaining the quality and reasonableness of the brand. They cannot afford to compromise on any of propositions, which is exuded through a logo. A logo which is a hard-hitter is also an easy-to-go, which is why brand managers have to uphold the mission statement, values, goals and objectives of not just the product but of the organization itself.

• Brand Logo and Globalization

Whenever the customer buys any product or service, it always eyes for the brand logo as it differentiates yet represents the consumer behavior and brings out various demographic attitude. However, more importantly, besides the consumer being addicted to the brand logos, they are becoming even more cautious from where the product is manufactured, especially after the upheaval of globalization. For example, if a consumer walks into a clothing store to buy a shirt, the person would actually look at the product’s manufacturing origin after the brand logo.

In the end, it is not just about the brand logo after globalization but it is also the name of the country from where the product is being produced. For example, one would prefer to buy an Apple’s product “Made in USA” as opposed to “Made in China”.


So do you really think that globalization has an impact on effectiveness of the brand logo?

  1. Paper Acrobat On May 14th, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Most Companies have happily handed over production of goods to china or the far east.
    In the UK we manufacture very few items which in the long run will be a bad thing. I think we put all our eggs in one basket. No wonder china has the fastest growing economy.

  1. inkjet On May 30th, 2012 at 1:36 am

    I agree with you after brands Logo everyone including me looks on country or manufacturing region. Its a common attitude.

  1. adumpaul On June 2nd, 2012 at 2:43 am

    Logo design is very effective for any professional business.Logo design is the band identity of any kind of business.

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