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 Considering the calendrical anomaly of todays date 09/09/09, everyone seems to be celebrating it in their own way. After all we will get to see this repetition of single digit dates after a century (until January 1, 2101)

However, I decided to use the rarity of today’s date by doing something different and memorable on my blog. Being this date today has made “Wednesday�? a special weekday. Therefore, from now onwards, every week I will compile a list of inspiring and interesting links from all over the net and post under our new category  “Wednesday Design Share”

I have handpicked latest and famous posts for your inspiration and promise to keep on compiling such blog posts which will immensely sharpen your creativity skills. If you think any of your blog post is good enough to inspire others, please don’t hesitate dropping it in the comment box.

Design 2009: Trends, Styles and Predictions

As we head swiftly through the year towards the last quarter, we’ve experienced many changes in design practices and styles. Let’s take a look at some of the common design practices that have emerged in 2009.

Amazing Character Designs: 75 Brilliant Examples

Character design refers to the appearance, abilities and personality of your virtual presence in any digital presentation. Here you’ll find an amazing collection of character designs for your design inspiration which might help you learn a thing or two.

40 Examples of Incredible Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is an ever evolving collaboration between photography and graphic design. So here are 40 of the most incredible examples of photo manipulation

20+ Amazing Typography Designs

When it comes to typography designs there is an endless amount of room to express creativity. Lately there has really been an outburst of some really amazing forward thinkers in the field. Here are some of my favorite pieces to share with you! Enjoy!

40 Excellent Examples of Interior Designs Rendered in 3D Max

3D Max is one of the commonly used software for architecture and interior design field on creating good presentation of architectural projects. Here are 40 exclusive examples focusing more on a house interior done in 3D Max to inspire you just in case you decide to start exploring this program.

50 Inspiring Web Application and Service Web Site Designs

This post showcases 50 of the best designed web app and service web sites, broken down into the following categories: Clean, Simple and Nice Designs, Minimal and Effective, Vector and Large Background, Corporate and Professional, Modern and Typical (Web 2.0ish), Stylish and Classic, Graphically Improved and Flash, Flex and AIR Designs.

16 Great Photoshop Light Effect Tutorials

Here is a compilation of various Photoshop tutorials which you will like for light effects while some have quite cool techniques on how to achieve the end result that can be applied to a million different designs.

30 Free Fonts Which Are Perfect For Professional Logo Designs

A Great compilation of Creative Nerds favorite Free Fonts Which Are Perfect and suitable For creating Professional Logo Designs. This great collection of fonts is perfect for designers who are designing on a small budget.

3D Typography in Photoshop

Inspired by the work of Nelson Balaban as well as my own, I decided to re-create an old piece of mine using the techniques I am about to show. Even though it is extensive, nevertheless it will be very fun and insightful..

66 Vectors for Green Website Design

Green web design is on the rise and every designer needs the right resources to meet the demand. This post shows you 66 awesome eco-friendly vectors from

35+ Startling Free Adobe Photoshop Brushes

All Photoshop Users can download free brushes and make more creative stuff for your web designing or print media campaigns too. Here are 35+ Startling Adobe Photoshop Brushes which will help you people accomplish more effectual results and improve your efficiency.

54 Best Inspirational Night Photography Shots

Some of the world’s best photographs are taken at night. Although it is not an easy task to take good quality pictures at night however here are some of the best night photography shots from different sources taken by some best artists. .

Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough

This design process shows step by step documentation of a project, where the first step was to develop a logo and brand for the website. Have a look and tell what you think about creation of this amazing logo.

36 Examples of Textures used in Web Design

A great way to add depth to a website these days is to help create more of a dynamic environment, or portray a lifelike material. Here we have 36 examples of textures used in Web Design, not only as backgrounds but textures can be applied to a lot of different web elements

Enhancing Your Art with Negative Space

As a designer and artist, it’s easy to concentrate and attach ourselves to the main objects of our work — so easy in fact, that we can easily forget about a part of our work equally important: The Negative Space.

40+ Creative Print Media Advertisements

To create eye catching ads and get the first attention is not easy task. Here are 40+ creative print media advertisements where designers have used some great techniques and creative ideas in all of these ads.

99 Creative And Beautiful Looking Portfolio Designs

There are thousands of online Portfolios around and it’s really hard to select few. Here you’ll find an amazing collection of creative and beautiful looking portfolio designs for your design inspiration.


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    Anyway, great links!

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