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  The advertising world is packed with creative ideas and imaginative advertisement messages. The job of an advertiser is to effectively persuade the target audience into buying a certain product or service. Creative ads are the ones that have the power to sell. But there is a vast difference between generating a TV ad and producing ...


  Minimalist logo designs are preferred more by graphic designers because of their ease and simplicity. But the difficulty in designing simple logos is to incorporate an effective message within the design. This can be achieved either through the technique of negative spacing or by interweaving the symbol within the typography. ...


Hiee friends and foes....once again I am back with  "Wednesday Design Share" listing number of interesting design links. Like every week, today also I have tried compiling some informative tutorials, creative showcases and design tips. A few memorable business cards The often over-looked business cards. It’s amazing what a little thought can do, and here some good ones catching my eye over recent weeks. Japanese municipality logos inspiration.. Japanese municipality logos inspiration 46 Outstanding Web Layouts From DeviantArt: September 2009 Enjoy ...


With every coming year, trends are welcomed in designing fields of fashion, graphics, textile and not to forget, logo designing. Designers’ base their logo designs on these trends taking them to new levels of creativity and craftsmanship. '09'is expected to bring in lots of variations in design. Many think it will be the year when almost everything will work AND be trendy. ...





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