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TherapyCharts Psychology EHR

Submitted on: 27 Jan 10

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by Mark LeBay
TherapyCharts is a web-based electronic health
record system for psychologists. immediate recognition of what service
it is that TherapyCharts provides was important, so the logo features
an illustration that hybridizes a laptop computer with a file folder.

It’s not a traditional logo, in the sense that it does not very
versatile, so I also broke the logo into three component parts: the
laptop+filefolder, the name, and the “TC” tag in the red box. When the
TherapyCharts brand needs to be displayed at smaller sizes (below
150×150 pixels) or in black and white, the laptop+filefolde gets


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  3. Mark LeBay

    Sorry for the typos and garbled grammar above.

    I should add that the industry targeted by TherapyCharts is Behavioral / Mental Health and Electronic Health Record (EHR) industry.

  4. Printing Companies

    I love the feel of this logo — it’s a filing cabinet — computer. Beautiful design.

  5. Ben Stokes

    Nice inspiration there - thank you for posting the design

  6. bali villa rental

    Nice logo! Is there any hidden messages in this logo?

  7. Mark LeBay

    no hidden messages … just the greek symbol that is the symbol used by academia for psychology

  8. small business logo design

    Your blog is pretty good and impressed me a lot. This article along with the images is quite in-depth and gives a good overview of the topic.

  9. Peter

    I think this works very well for what you are trying to do. It communicates the product beautifully.

  10. Logospill

    Wow, can´t believe it is a vector work it looks so sleek, great job.

  11. Mainostoimisto

    The ‘TC’ works on his own just fine.

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