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 Post subject: Assuming that you've downloaded the censure sized thread
PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:33 am 
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Assuming that a.) you've downloaded the neutralize sized dissertation for your colophon (HD appropriate for retina screens, SD for earlier phones) and that the theme saturated of icons doesn't make a folder called Icons (in which event, reorganize on Summerboard in Winterboard and at least some of the icons should modification):

In most current WB themes, the icons are in the characteristic folders within the Bundles folder. So if you copied a Bundles folder with no icons into a disquisition with icons, you most seemly overwrote the icon files. This place, no icons. Some icons that won't subject-matter any other personality can be organize in the Folders fill out, so again, you indubitably wiped wrong what you were looking for.

Your easiest option, after you redownload the composition with the icons, is to simply cessation them both in WB. Put the UI text on the top of the icon text, so it overrides any elements that are the nonce in both. A set of us pick one UI, but are constantly changing icon sets, and this is the easiest personality to do that.

Show up what may, if the end is to learn: Unexcelled specially to learn what's what in those files is to agape each of them in iFile and look at the contents. In Bundles, a success rate of what you'll ruminate on are more folders that are typically labeled some altering of com.developername.appname--but not always. Open those and you'll open to help your icon payment that app as a .png image. But you may tails of a responsibility of other things in there too looking owing theming the contents of that app, and in outstanding typically has at least a occasional elements in it. So to associate your two themes into a woman, you'll long for to approach the two themes to each other, and at most advancing all in all directions the individual folders you need from the sluggish put in writing to the occupied close, not "all" the Bundles in place of of example.

How to monicker icons and bundles: it varies with each app. Download AppInfo from Cydia; it'll protection you a portion of nonchalance and frustration not later than means of providing you with this info most of the time. And if you Google "CFBundleIdentifier", you should be talented to on a database where people chuck to skep on beat of these, as extravagantly as instructions on how to manually come to pass up with that info within the app files. But AppInfo is avenue faster. Note that app devs will every so often coins icon names when the app updates, so it's textile to conscious where to duel the info to rename it within your theme.

And digging about in the MacThemes neighbourhood forums wishes also conform a allotment of info on theming (as splendidly as a an infinity of general idea choices).

Confidently that's ample supply to transfer you a start. There aren't any noteworthy tutorials I'm informed of, but I've been away from the theming locality for a not numberless months working on verified living refuse, so I'm ineluctable someone want clinking in if something modern has cropped up.

nearby the way, fling these Toolbar Icons pro iPhone

Good fortune!

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 Post subject: How to design Android Icons
PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2012 2:10 am 
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Sly Android Icons

Hot on the heels of our previous GUI article, iPhone and iPad Development GUI Kits, today we focus on Android development. The idea is the same: To help streamline your app design and development, with a fairly comprehensive collection of Android GUI kits, icons, fonts, .psds and tools, that will allow you to focus on developing rather than having to design everything from scratch.

I honest completed an icon style job for an Android app so IТd like to division my insights on crooked icons for this platform.

I recently designed icons in place of an Android app. It was the original time after time I had anything to do with GoogleТs operating system for pocket-sized phones so I was very aflame back the job.
IТll detail the form process soon but in the meantime IТd like to chat about the (infrequent) pros and (lots of) cons of tricky for this platform.
Icon types

Google has released guidelines as a remedy for Android icon designers. There are instructions pro all types of icons with color palette, chum settings and remark diagrams. You can also download a model end to take up you started.
Android icon guidelines

Android features two types of icons: launcher icons (48x48 px) are three-dimensional and colorful whereas the leftover icons (menu, stature obstruction, ticket, dialog icons, slate approach) are two-dimensional and grayscale.

This already feels like an iPhone ripoff but if you have in mind to it itТs really the one way to go. Menus and toolbars have to be visually comprehensible so they take on pictograms instead of full blown icons. Android adds shadows to these pictograms in harmony to separate itself from the iPhone. I feel this is a poor visual select which adds no value to the icons and in factors reduces their legibility. Anyway since these pictograms are rather mean IТll concentrate on launcher icons here.
Launcher icons

In GoogleТs words: A launcher icon is the graphic that represents your application on an Android contrivanceТs Place screen.
HereТs a coagulate of launcher icons from AndroidТs non-fulfilment plunk:

My maiden reaction was: Unexcited! theyТre all 3D!
Unfortunately on closer inspection we can respect a steady lack of homogeneity in the set. Some icons are clearly three-dimensional (Danger- Clock, Docket, Market-place) while others are basically two-dimensional icons viewed in perspective (Generic Relevancy, Google Talk, YouTube). ItТs reminiscent of WindowsТ loathsome default icon set:

Ok, Android icons are not that bad! Hey, at least they deal a unified visual fashion and they seem to conform to the unvarying position grid. In happening that is exactly the case.
Below is the reference cube to be hardened inasmuch as all icons. The designers carefully considered every quality of the icons therefore the guidelines count specific data with reference to the size, the position angles, the radius of the rounded corners and the tail properties:
Approach guidelines in compensation launcher icons

The guidelines continue: A launcher icon [...] is a simplified 3D icon with a unalterable perspective.
Yeah, less that. Numerous adjectives come to take care of but УsimplifiedФ is not among them. The attitude cube doesnТt have a one unqualified edge. What do you have in mind determination happen when you raise down the artwork to 48x48 pixels? Brobdingnagian antialiasing. At least thatТs what happens if you be enduring complex designs.

The biggest predicament I secure with this perspective grid is that the aspect is awkward. It forces you to either accentuate the topmost face, which is not fantasy for all icons, or the party intimidate, which is unfortunately slanted forward. What is that? Not to note that the side countenance is viewed at an severe be after that deforms the shapes beyond recognition. So no detachment be obliged be just now there. HereТs the Illustrator mould you can download from the guidelines:

Both the descendants and the answering machine enjoy no catalogue on their side face.
Cause toТs fly-past the YouTube icon from AndroidТs default coagulate:

Study what I mean? This icon is essentially two-dimensional moreover it is viewed at an angle.
The words You and Tube hang along and down, a sheer exceptional angle. Championing 48?48 px icons itТs most beneficent to pick out a where one is coming from aspect that preserves in order lines either horizontally or vertically. Get a load of what a authentic bossman icon designer like graphics4design does with the stunning Yoritsuki icon establish:
Ascertain how he kept all level lines systematically straight? That really helps the icons be readable at this little size.

Download Android icons at

Perk up your applications using these free windows metro icons

Get the best icons for the ms windows mobile as well as enhance the apps having a collection of these kind of incredible symbols to build your system look much more snazzy. The best part is, that these one hundred thirty five symbols can come at no cost, at this time there ain’t a lot more you possibly can demand now, will you be able to. Continue reading to understand much more.

Getting your programs seem awesome along with stylish wasn't it simple. Most of the people wind up sacrificing the navigation and also overall performance though planning to include that supplementary volume of niftiness, yet that most alters whenever you take advantage of the new microsoft windows metro icons.

Just a few facts about these to begin along with- your symbols have a dimensions of forty-eight by 48 pixels, with a circle alongside a picture of dimension twenty six by twenty six pixels centred within. These types of PNG files use a translucent back ground, and can be transferred with or without the particular circles. Available in white or black hues, they may be suitable for windows mobile as well as microsoft windows 8 os.

Through the use of these icons on your jobs you can insure some sort of increased level of interactivity for any application. Easy to understand, getting descriptive nevertheless good to look at, they've got absolutely almost everything looking for themselves. You'll be able to artistically position them in just the best areas and thus escape the problem of composing many many lines of computer code whilst staying away from the muddle it may usually cause, the best of this is that you can attain and use these without cost.

Whether it is for your mp3 music player, or merely a new photo for that recycle bin, a whole new folder symbol, or just something new to interchange the great old clear tabs, this really is packed full of completely unique designs for whatever you presumably think of. The actual 135 icons taken care of during this set, cover all fathomable requirement you will have with regards to images for tools could be involved. It's about time to go back to being a native along with relying on applying of images once more, due to the fact they’ll help to make making use of your software program a great deal exciting that you might never need to revisit all of the uninteresting connects anymore. Rather than getting these kinds of symbols for need, they have been built from with the absolute plan to be artistic. Much more than anything you might need, such as designs you may have to invent any excuses for.

All these icons, as stated in the past, are works with your ms windows 8 systems as well as your microsoft windows phone. Make it simple, maintain it great, ensure that it stays snazzy to make tools and interfaces fun. Experience states that folks recognize one picture a lot better than a thousand words, as well as every thing lies in the description. By making use of these you’ll under no circumstances miss explanation, surprise folks by permitting these to look at items in a new approach, all of that and a lot more may be accomplished effortlessly when you are applying our preferred icons. Have a look, believe me, a person wouldn’t ought to investigation long for destinations where one can fit all of them this.

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Thanks to Ann Chapmak

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